<span class="bit-intro-date">FEB 24 2013</span>The Classic Wave By: Ricky Bodsford

cliff pace wins tulsa with hydrowave

The Classic Wave If you haven’t heard by now Cliff Pace won the 2013 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa. The weather conditions were cold to say the least. You have seen all the coverage, watched all the drama but here is the part you may not know. Pace credited his electronics, mainly the Hydrowave for his victory.

Cold air and falling water temperatures had the fish sitting on the bottom and and were not visible on sonar while idling across points, creek channels and bluff walls. Pace said that when he started fishing an area he could see the fish lift off the bottom and made them just active enough they would bite. The 2013 Classic Champ ran his Hydowave unit on constant in the passive finesse mode. Cliff was throwing a Jackall Squad Minnow in the wind and a V & M 1/2 jig when it wasn’t blowing.

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