<span class="bit-intro-date">JUL 7 2011</span>Inshore saltwater HydroWave™ makes noise at ICAST

DALLAS (July 7, 2011) - Coastal anglers know better than most the benefit of exciting schools of redfish, speckled trout, snook and other species into a feeding frenzy. Up until now, they've generally had to rely on chum or lights at night to attract these fish in numbers in order to take advantage of their instinctive competitive eating habits.

HydroWave has a better way. The brand new inshore saltwater HydroWave™ unit incorporates the latest in patented electronic Inshore Saltwater HydroWave™ Unit technology that effectively imitates the underwater sounds of forage and fish-feeding activities, of which research has proven to stimulate feeding impulses in game fish. The unit emits sound waves that predatory fish feel, hear and sense as natural baitfish activities, to "ignite a feeding frenzy."

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